H&L is short for “Hook & Ladder,” a tool used in the early days of firefighting, and describes the strength of our Brotherhood we call the Fire Service.

Urban Winery

& Coffee Roasters

Hook & Ladder Coffees and Wine Co. is located in the heart of the Historic Depot Square at 616 7th Street, in an original 1884 Building that is a National Landmark. As the newest Wichita Falls Winery and Coffee Roasters, we are excited to be a part of the synergy that makes up our great Downtown!

What will you find in our local cafe and store setting? We offer an amazing selection of hand-selected, exquisitely unique wines straight from our urban winery and selected vineyards alongside our globally farm-sourced, single origin coffees. We truly have something for everyone with our wine bar and coffee selection, and that’s just for starters! We have amazing artisan flatbreads we can perfectly pair for you with our incredible selection of wines, an inspired selection of meat, cheeses, and fruit on our soon to be famous charcuterie platter, and to top it off, we’ll be offering our famous NITRO Cold Brewed Coffee!

Don’t forget 10% of all sales go to support the Wichita Falls Fire and Police Museum, and 10% of all “Sparky” and “Frisky” coffee roast sales support our local P.E.T.S. Clinic! Come visit the newest Wichita Falls Winery & Coffee Roasters Cafe downtown!

Our Menu


H&L Coffee

Artisan Flatbread (Ask Us About Perfect Wine Pairings)

Vegan menu options are available with cheese and topping substitutions. We're thrilled to offer another vegetarian and vegan restaurant option to Wichita Falls to ensure Hook & Ladder has something for everyone!

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