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Single Origin Espresso Beans

Single Origin Espresso Beans Blend


The “All Hands” Espresso Blend is a “secret” combination of the best green coffee beans. These include Guatemala beans, Brazil beans, and Honduras beans. The exact portion of each single origin bean is added to each roast mix. Once roasted, the “All Hands” Espresso Blend brews up the perfect cup of espresso.


coffee gift set with chocolate

Coffee Gift Set for the Chocolate Lover


We all have that person that just seems impossible to find gifts for! Grab them two delicious 12 oz. bags of fresh roasted single origin coffee, and an amazing bar of dark sea salt chocolate! They’ll be glad you did!

Swiss Water Decaf

Rookie (Decaf)


Decaf Roast. Rookie is Swiss Water Decaf Processed organic decaf coffee. The Swiss Water processing is a natural process that provides terrific organically processed beans. The Honduras and Brazil coffee beans used in this perfect blend along with the lighter roasting method create an amazingly strong, delicious cup of coffee -without all the caffeine.

616 Coffee Club Membership

616 Coffee Club Membership.

616 Coffee Club members enjoy two bags of coffee of their choice, one 12 oz bag of an exclusive Microlot roast, 15% off in-store and online products, and exclusive invites to the 616 annual club member event, along with other events throughout the year!

gift set for the grill master

Coffee Gift Set for the Grill Master


A great gift set with two 12 oz. bags of coffee and two all-purpose seasonings for the amazing cook or grill master in your life!

dog treat gift set

Coffee Gift Set for the Dog Lover


An amazing gift set featuring baked, organic, limited ingredient dogs treats with two 12 oz. bags of coffee for that coffee drinking dog lover in your life! Proceeds from treat sales and coffee benefit animal welfare through our local P.E.T.S. Clinic!