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Chardonnay (CA).

Notes of: Smooth, Buttery, Honeysuckle.

Cowboy Cranberry


Sweet Chianti.

Notes of: Cranberry notes.

Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir (CA).

Notes of: Black Cherry, Vanilla, Currants, Toasty Vanilla.



Sweet Fruit Blend.

Notes of: Fresh Berries, Citrus Fruits.

Through the Fog


2015 Lodi Merlot (CA).

Notes of: Black Cherry, Vanilla, Currants, Toasty Vanilla.

Off-Dry Rosé


Dry Rosé.

Notes of: Crisp, Cranberries, Rose Petals.

Tailboard Trubador


Lodi Symphony (CA).

Notes of:  White Flowers, Stone Fruit, Mandarin.

Rumore Bianco


2016 Lodi Chenin Blanc (CA).

Notes of: Pear, Vanilla, Mineral Undertones.

El Bombero


Semi Rosé.

Notes of: Semi-Sweet, Floral, Jammy.



Niagra Sweet White.

Notes of: Freshly Picked Plump Grapes.




Notes of: Rose Petals, Lychee, Ginger Spice.

Little Green Apple


Gewurtztraminer with Green Apples.

Notes of:   Crisp Green Apple, Floral, Sweet.

Charlie’s Peach



Notes of:  Ripe Peaches, Crisp & Sweet.



Lime and Coconut Blend.

Notes of:  Refreshing Pina Colada with Lime.

Mora Negro


Sweet Red Merlot.

Notes of: Blackberries.

Grandpa’s Porch


Italian Sweet Red.

Notes of: Ripe Fruit, Berries, Vanilla.